This sections describes the visual config editor of moonlight

The configuration editor does currently not support oauth2 providers

The Configuration tab in our software is an intuitive tool designed to facilitate the process of editing the configuration settings of your system. You can find this feature by navigating to the 'System' option in the main menu, and then selecting 'Configuration'.

The Configuration tab is essentially a visual editor for the 'config.json' file, which is located in the 'configs' directory at 'configs/config.json'. The visual editor presents a more user-friendly way to view and edit your configuration settings, as opposed to manually editing the JSON file.

An important feature to note about the Configuration tab is its auto-reload capability. When you make and save changes to your settings, the system automatically reloads the configuration. This eliminates the need for a manual restart or reload, thus saving time and reducing the chances of errors.

As you edit the configuration options, you'll notice that additional information related to each option is displayed. This guidance is designed to provide you with a better understanding of what each setting does and to assist you in making the appropriate changes. Please refer to the image below for an illustration of this feature.

Another key feature of the Configuration tab is its sensitivity towards personal information. To ensure the safety of your data, the system automatically blurs sensitive information. This serves as a security measure to protect confidential or sensitive data that may be present in your configurations.

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