Ip bans

The IP Ban tab is a usefull feature of the Moonlight Panel. It is located under the Security sidebar item, requiring only a simple click or tap to find it. Once you're inside the Security section, you'll need to select the IP Ban tab.

One crucial detail to note about the IP Ban tab is its status as an experimental feature. In its current phase, whenever an IP is banned or unbanned, it will automatically reconnect all users. This operation might slightly disrupt the usual workflow. We are actively working on its behavior and performance to improve this aspect.

The primary purpose of the IP Ban tab is to enhance the security of the Moonlight Panel. It can play a significant role in preventing unwanted users from gaining access to the functionalities of the panel. By banning specific IPs, you can effectively stop any unauthorized users who may pose potential threats to your system. This preventive measure reinforces the security of the system and ensures that only approved users have access.

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