Malware scan for servers

The Malware Scan tab, a significant feature under the Security sidebar item, serves as a pivotal tool for maintaining the security hygiene of servers. After navigating through the Security sidebar, one can access this functionality by selecting the Malware tab. Currently, it offers the capability to scan all online and offline servers for malware, ensuring comprehensive coverage of potential security threats.

As of now, the Malware Scan tool carries very limited functionality. However, its capabilities can be expanded with the integration of plugins, thus increasing its versatility and adaptability. On running a scan, the tool provides a detailed overview of all servers, along with any identified findings. This feature, therefore, facilitates a broad-spectrum view of all servers and the potential risks associated with them.

An important note is that the tool is still in the experimental phase. Thus, while it offers valuable functionalities, users may encounter occasional bugs or limitations. Despite these constraints, the malware tab of the Moonlight Panel showcases promising potential. For instance, it can detect fake player plugins, even though the method employed for such detection is relatively basic at this stage.

By default, the tool primarily focuses on server files and their contents. It helps in identifying problematic plugins and basic unwanted software on your customers' servers. However, keep in mind that as of now, the search and detection methods are rather rudimentary and still experimental.

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