Node DDos Protection

The Panel includes a feature for DDOS protection, which is a crucial aspect for securing your system from potential attacks. This DDOS protection tab can be easily located under the security sidebar item. Upon selecting the DDOS protection tab, you are presented with an interface that enables you to whitelist and blacklist IP addresses. This is a significant feature as these specified IPs will be transformed into IP tables firewalls for all the nodes in your network.

When the Moonlight daemon is installed on a node, it plays a crucial role in enhancing your security. It monitors network traffic and reports any suspiciously high amount of packets along with the IP addresses that are transmitting these packets. However, it's worth noting that the system currently supports only IPv4.

A key functionality of this feature is its ability to detect a possible DOS attack. If the system identifies such a threat, it automatically blocks the originating IP for a specified period. By default, this block is set to last for 15 minutes but can be configured based on your needs.

To ensure the smooth operation of your network, it's recommended to whitelist the IP addresses of other nodes, storage boxes, and the Moonlight Panel itself. This precaution is necessary because, in some edge cases, these entities may mistakenly be detected as sources of a DOS attack.

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