Security logs

The Moonlight Panel includes a crucial feature designed to enhance the security of your system, known as the "Logs" tab. This is a dedicated section that can be easily accessed by navigating to the Security sidebar item and selecting the Logs tab therein.

As a centralized hub for all security-related log messages, it is instrumental in providing intricate details about various activities and potential threats. This includes information about login attempts, which are crucial to understand the access patterns and potentially unauthorized entries. In addition, it monitors and documents the instances of path traversal attacks, among other things, thus helping to safeguard against harmful exploitations of the system.

Even more, the Moonlight Panel Team is actively developing and improving its threat detection capabilities, aiming to further enhance the security feature in the future. This is a forward-looking feature of the system, designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of potential cyber threats.

However, it's essential to note that the Logs tab is specific to security logs. Any other logs that do not pertain to security can be found in the Log files under the Resources tab.

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