Server Cleanup

The Moonlight Panel features an innovative server cleanup system that is designed to maximize server uptime and maintain optimal performance for all users. This functionality can be accessed through the server cleanup tab found under the 'Servers' sidebar item. Once you select this tab, you will be directed to a dedicated interface for managing and observing the server cleanup process.

One of the primary features of this cleanup system is its intelligent resource management strategy. When the resource usage of a node is high, the cleanup system only stops servers where no players were online at the time. This approach enables smart overallocation and ensures the servers maintain their maximum uptime, thereby delivering a good performance for all customers.

It's important to note that this cleanup feature is specifically applied to images that have been marked with the "cleanup" tag. This selective application allows users to control the cleanup process more effectively and avoid any unwanted disruptions.

To provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the cleanup process, the Moonlight Panel features a live overview of the cleanup statistics. This overview enables users to track the effectiveness of the cleanup operations in real-time and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Moreover, the cleanup process is highly customizable. The configuration tab provides users with a range of settings that they can adjust according to their specific needs. This flexibility allows each user to tailor the cleanup operations in a way that best aligns with their server utilization and performance requirements.

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