Server Manager

One of the server features of the panel is the Server Manager Tab, which can be located by clicking on the Servers sidebar item and then selecting the Server Manager Tab.

This powerful feature provides monitoring of all running servers, scanning each node in a live process. It displays essential data and insights about each server node which can aid in pinpointing potential performance issues.

An added advantage of the Server Manager Tab is its sorting functionality. It gives you the flexibility to organize servers based on different parameters like node, network, and resource usage, including memory or CPU. Moreover, it also sorts them by their image name. This ability to sort and filter servers helps in troubleshooting and optimizing system performance more efficiently.

Additionally, the Server Manager Tab comes with control features that allow you to manage the status of all game servers. For instance, it enables 'stop' and 'kill' actions on all game servers. This feature becomes incredibly useful if maintenance is required, and it's necessary to take all customer servers offline. This way, you can ensure uninterrupted maintenance procedures, contributing to smoother operations overall.

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