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Docker based Gameserver

Moonlight uses the pterodactyl wings daemon to provide a easy migration from pterodactyl to moonlight and host isolated, docker based servers with full controll over resource usage. The following features are availabe for all servers


With the live console streaming you are able to interact with the server proccess and enter commands directly.

File Manager

The integrated file manager makes it easy to upload, delete, edit, archive files. You have full controll over all the file and using the "Start WinSCP" Button you can start winscp instantly and you only need to enter your moonlight password to access your files over sftp and upload folders and upload files bigger than 100MB.


Backups are important. Thats why the moonlight team has implemented a backup manager which allows you to create, restore, delete and download backups. You want a direct link to your backup? Moonlight can also generate a one time download link for backups to send to your friend so he can download your backup.

Server specific settings

To improve user experiance, moonlight offers setting options for image types like minecraft paper using the paper api to make it easier for users to switch minecraft version

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