Migrating from Pterodactyl

This guide shows how yopu can migrate from pterodactyl to moonlight

Step 1

To start with migrating from pterodactyl to moonlight you will need the connection details of your pterodactyl database and the app key of your pterodactyl instance. You can find these in the .env file of your pterodactyl installation. Make sure you copy the app key without the "base64:" in front of the key.

Step 2

Now you need to create a new database in your database server with a new user as well. Make sure that both your pterodactyl and moonlight database is accesible from the internet.

Step 3

To migrate the database you download the following software from its release page

Step 4

Now run the program and enter all the information it asks for. The program will guide you through the migration progress and convert all your servers, users, nodes and eggs to its moonlight equivalent.

Step 5

To finish the database migration you need to process a .sql file in your moonlight database to setup the entity framework migrations.

You can download the file here: https://install.moonlightpanel.xyz/efhistory.sql

Step 6

Install moonlight as using the install script and if not done already configure the database using this guide

Step 7

The last step is to update the wings config as shown here. After that we would recommend you installing the moonlight daemon on every node to use all of moonlights features using the following command

curl https://install.moonlightpanel.xyz/daemon| bash

The moonlight daemon port should be set correctly by default. If not change it in the node settings to 8081.

If you need further assistance open a issue or contact masusniper#0666 on discord

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